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& get special benefits from us!

At The Backbone, though we accept insurance, we acknowledge that certain plans may not cover our services. To address this, we've created treatment packages to offer affordable and comprehensive care, ensuring accessibility for all. Our commitment to personalized and effective healthcare remains at the forefront of our mission.

A membership is a subscription-based agreement between you and The Backbone. Memberships auto-renew monthly on the 5th or 20th of each month. Memberships can be paused if needed. Memberships cannot be transferred, shared, or applied to other services/goods. Cancel anytime after 3-months. 

Is a membership right for you?

Membership perks:

  • 15% discount on supplements

  • 10% discount on other products

  • Priority booking

  • Long-term savings!

  • Designed For:

    • Individuals with chronic pain, chronic health issues, or those with jobs/sports that cause repetitive injuries.

  • Ideal For:

    • Patients requiring ongoing care who won't improve with just a few treatments.

  • Session Length:

    • 45-minute visits.

  • Reason:

    • The provider has an established relationship with the patient, allowing for efficient treatment within a shorter timeframe due to regular visits.




  • TWO (2) 45-Minute Treatments

  • IDEAL for:​

    • Individuals who are athletes or have careers that cause repetitive motion injuries

    • Individuals with severe ongoing symptom flare-ups




  • Four (4) 45-Minute Treatments

  • IDEAL for:

    • Individuals requiring ongoing rehab before surgery to post-surgery

    • Individuals with severe ongoing symptom flare-ups

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