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What is Naprapathy?

     Naprapathy is a specialized field of healthcare that centers on the assessment and management of neuromuscular ailments. Unlike chiropractic or physical therapy, naprapathy employs a more delicate method when it comes to bone manipulation, placing significant emphasis on preparing and addressing soft tissues.

     Naprapathic medicine includes the diagnosis and treatment of persons with connective tissue disorders through the use of

  • Special techniques

  • Review of case history

  • Examination

  • Palpation

And the treatment of a person by the use of:

  • Connective tissue manipulation

  • Exercise

  • Postural counseling

  • Nutritional counseling

  • The application or use of

    • Heat (heat packs, paraffin wax, etc.)

    • Cold (ice packs, ice massage, etc.)

    • Light (infrared light therapy)

    • Water 

    • Radiant energy (x-rays, MRI, etc.),

    • Electricity (tens units, E-stim),

    • Sound (ultrasound, shockwave, etc.)

    • Air (percussion tools e.g. massage guns)

  • The use of assistive devices for the purpose of preventing, correcting, or alleviating a physical disability

     A naprapath specializes in effectively addressing a wide range of physical conditions, including contractures, muscle spasms, inflammations, scar tissue formation, adhesions, lesions, laxity, hypotonicity, rigidity, structural imbalances, bruises, contusions, muscular atrophy, partial separation of connective tissue fibers.

     Naprapathy stands out as a sustainable and holistic approach to pain management. By considering the entire body, it tackles chronic pain at its root cause, as well as identifies the underlying factors contributing to injuries. Moreover, each visit to a naprapath encompasses a comprehensive focus on pain and injury prevention, ensuring a well-rounded and proactive approach to maintaining optimal well-being.

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