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60-Minute Follow-Up

Cost: $115.00
Approximately 60-75 minutes

Life happens! Sometimes we need a tune-up! And perhaps you’d like longer than a 30-40 minute visit, we get that! 


  • The physician will discuss current concerns and get reevaluate as needed.


  • Myofascial therapy

  • Joint mobilization to loosen restricted joints by slowly gliding joints

  • High velocity, low amplitude thrusting of restricted joints to restore full range of motion

  • Adjunctive therapies (cupping, KT-tape, E-stim, shockwave, etc.)

Therapeutic Exercise:

  • Exercise to correct and restore function and flexibility, improve strength, and decrease pain.

  • Review previous exercises and new exercise prescription as needed.

Nutritional Counseling:

  • Nutrition specific to tissue neuromuscular health, tissue healing, and 'gut' health.  

  • Nutritional adjustments as needed.

*Wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, basketball shorts, yoga pants, etc.

60-Minute Follow-Up
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