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Naprapathic Rehab Clinic

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What is Naprapathy?

     Naprapathy is a gentle and non-invasive approach to manipulation, focused on promoting overall well-being. Naprapathic medicine encompasses a blend of manual musculoskeletal manipulations that target the reduction of pain and disability within the neuromusculoskeletal system.

     Practitioners of naprapathy, known as doctors of naprapathy, possess expertise in movement and work towards enhancing the quality of life through various techniques such as manual manipulation, prescribed exercises, nutritional counseling, and patient education. Their goal is to optimize overall health and well-being.

Hand Massage
X-Ray Results

Our Approach to Treatment

Naprapathy specializes in addressing pain management through a targeted focus on:

  • Reducing neuromuscular and soft-tissue dysfunctions

  • Reducing swelling

  • Facilitating tissue healing

  • Muscle reeducation

  • Strengthening muscles

  • Relieving muscle spasms

  • Improving joint health

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