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The Backbone is changing the way that pain is treated - we don’t just treat the symptoms; we treat the whole person. Every individual we care for is different, so we create a treatment plan specific to their needs. The Benavides team is dedicated to keeping our patients healthy, moving, and pain-free. 


The Backbone-

Naprapapthic Rehab Clinic

What is Naprapathy?

     Naprapathy is a non-invasive, gentle system of manipulation.

     Naprapathic medicine is a combination of manual musculoskeletal manipulations, aiming to decrease pain and disability in the neuromusculoskeletal system. 

     Naprapathic Physicians are movement experts who improve the quality of life through manual manipulation, prescribed exercise, nutritional counseling, and patient education. 

Hand Massage
X-Ray Results

What we treat

Naprapathy specializes in pain management by focusing on:

  • Reducing neuromuscular and soft-tissue dysfunctions

  • Reducing swelling

  • Facilitating tissue healing

  • Muscle reeducation

  • Strengthening muscles

  • Relieving muscle spasms

  • Improving joint health

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